We Are The Little Writers

This is a page, all about us!

You might have been wondering about who made this website, and are eager to find out. So, we've decided to make a page where you can find out some info about the creators of the authorsheaven series!

Below the three little writers pen pal names are listed with a picture we found that represented our looks and styles. Each of us have included some little fun facts about ourselves. We have also included how you can contact us. We hope you will feel more comfortable in this website knowing about us. Enjoy and keep reading!

Who are the little writers?

The little writers are a group of kids with a passion for reading and writing.  They are 12 -13 yrs old and they are all friends! 

LittleWriter TwinkleTaleteller

Hi! It's LittleWriter TwinkleTaleteller here to tell you all about me. I LOVE reading and writing! It's like a crazy addiction haunting me...😲...yeah not literally. School gets tough and takes up WAY too much time. 

You will often find me curled up on my bed/in my rocking chair reading, or typing up stories on my computer.


I like reading books like Tom Gates, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, David Suzuki and Calvin and Hobbes. My favourite authors (because they are THE BEST) are:

Gordan Korman

Bill Watterson

James Riley

I am currently working on a book called The Warning with Silvermoon teller and Smoke + Upside down puzzle + Rose Red + Dark to Light - by myself.😀

My BFF's are the rest of the writers and readers who are all parts of this website. I also have 2 others whom I will call N and A.

All the little writers and readers are very important to me and we work together ALL the time! If you hurt them, boi you in trouble. 

Quotes by member:

A book is a life. It might end, but it is always there in your mind and in your heart.

Your finger is the key, the words are the treasure. Unlock the story magic.

You open up a book, you unlock the path to a new world.


How to contact:

Chat with me on guestbook! I check and update this website at least twice a week...well I try to...schoooool...so I'll probably have time to get back to you. If I don't, blame it on some evil menacing school homework! I still have some, so wish me luck...ummmm...hmmmm...


or at vanessaisme@outlook.com either one works. The email address is harder to check, but I will! Eventually...


Email: authorsheaven123@gmail.com

LittleWriter Moony Mythteller

Hi! You've got LittleWriter Moonymythteller!  All four of us share a passion: to write stories! My personal favorite kind of book to write is a good adventure story, I LOVE action and adventure! You can always find me reading... Or writing!!!

My BFF's are LittleWriter TwinkleTaleteller and LittleWriter Starry StoryTeller (who left this website July of 2017 for school reasons) and we always have fun doing activities or just chilling, wherever we go, we stick like glue!  


Moony Mythteller ❤

Quotes by member:

"Each book brings a new world, every time you open up a book it comes to life"

Who Are The Little Readers?

A Group of kids who love reading and writing stories, and amateur little writers, on the path to becoming little writers. 

Little Reader Foggyfortuneteller the great

Hullo, I'm Foggyfortuneteller, the best of the members of the Little Writers!  One of my favourite things to do is write stories.  I also like video games, anime, manga, sports, superheros, watching YouTube, kpop and surfing the internet for cool stories.  My favourite colour is yellow and my favourite shade is black.  Oh and I've got a knack for dropping and cracking my electronics so don't trust me with them or your babies, I've got butterfingers!  


Since I have nothing else to talk about how about I tell you have some of my favourites, I love BTS and some of my favourite video games are The Legend Of Zelda, Undertale, Pokemon, Little Inferno and Outlast.  Okay so sports I will play anything since I like most of them and with superheros my favourites are Quicksilver, Iron Man, Spiderman and Hawkeye but I love all of them and I'm on Team Cap!  Next on the list is YouTube so I watch pretty much everything but right now it's mainly Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, Pewdiepie, Philip DeFranco, Game Theory, Her Jams, LeafyIsHere, BANGTANTV, Ramenai, Domics, abratasas and Pyrocinical.  Some of anime I watch are Haikyuu and Prince Of Tennis! which are my faovurites. I also love Harry Potter and the Ascendance Trilogy.  I'm basically a huge fangirl, that's what I'm trying to say!


Some of my best friends are TwinkleTaleTeller, MooneyMythteller and Sunnystoryteller.  Another name for me is Goldstar! 

Anyway peace lol

Contact Me At: Goldstar5846@gmail.com

Email: Goldstar5846@gmail.com

Little Reader Sunnystoryteller

Hi, I'm Sunnystoryteller, the total book-worm.  I have always loved reading, ever since I figured out that the little shapes printed on paper meant something.  Maybe even before I knew they meant something.  The point is, after reading for so long, I decided to give writing a shot, and I also loved it.  

Apart from reading entire books in less than 24 hours, and obsessing over the most interesting way to write a story, I love to google random things at the most random moments (if anyone wants to hear about William Shakespeare's life or why the sky is blue, I'm your gal) I love listening to music, I love scrolling through Instagram, and also, watching TV.

When I'm not scrambling to do last minute homework, wasting time doing absolutely nothing or fighting with my sister, I usually spend my time reading.  Sometimes its Wikipedia pages that tell me a whole bunch of useless information, and other times its reading news articles about how the world is in chaos. And then obviously I like reading actual books.  My favourite types of books are Sci-FI books, fantasy and obviously, my YA drama/ kind of comedy books.

Some of my favourite books that you should definitely try reading are:

Enders Game by Orson Scott Card- Sci-fi

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline - Sci-fi

Harry Potter (duh) by J.K. Rowling - Fantasy

The Land of Stories by Chris Colfer - Fantasy

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas - YA

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green - YA



You can find me at anapaula0407@gmail.com

Little Reader Windywishteller

Hi, I'm WindyWishteller and one of the newer little readers. Unlike most kids, I actually like school. My favourite books are the Harry Potter series. I also like writing stories and drawing things. My favourite colours are orange, pink, green, blue and purple.

I also play soccer and am in Girl Guides.

You can usually find me in my room drawing pictures or at one of my after school activities.

See you later,


Email: PinkFlash061@gmail.com


About Her:

Booky has traveled through the little writer journey since the very start where we used a Wix website. Cute and bright! - Twinkle Tale Teller

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