And then it happened...Small Stories

You might have heard of the book series "And Then It Happened"

Well, the little writers have decided to create our own and then it happened book! 😉 Don't know what and then it happened is? Check out some of their books at your nearby library!

We hope to have enough entries to make a book of about 10 stories and 80 pages! Look for a message on guestbook when we have a few entries and can make a book!


Rules for short story and what to do


 What to do and rules:

1. Choose from 2 characters:

a. 13 -year-old Russel Rodin. Loves baseball and has two friends: Amelia and Joe.

b. 12 -year-old Patricia Robbins loves animals (especially monkeys) and has one best friend: Ernest

2. Create a story with that character takes place in a few days.

3. Make a main point in the book that says: And Then It Happened (only once)

Example: I balanced on the branch, it felt sturdy so I leaned over I reached for the hat hanging on the branch above me...and then it happened! CRACK I fell into the grass...

4. Make sure the And Then It Happened point is near the end.

5. No longer than 10 pages

6. Font size 10-14

7. Name your wonderful creation! 

8. You can put your name, but remember, you are allowed to keep out personal info and this story might be published in the future!

9. Put the link on Chat Room/Comment and send to

10. Let your writing spirit run free! 😀

Have Fun!