Drama, adventure, Children...even french!!!! Read our stories and release your inner writer!

 Are you a kid, on break from homework and wanna read? Are you an adult reading your kid a story for bedtime? Or do you want to learn something new like a language? 

Any suggestions for new books or types of books? Leave them on chat room or contact us! We care about our viewers opinions!

  • Mystery

    Choose from 6 different short stories and read to follow each mystery.


  • French

    Est-ce que tu parle français?
    Do you speak french? Read our short story in french called:
    La Petite Fille De Magie or Le Mystere au Camp


  • Adventure

    One amazing story all about a big adventure with a little mystery to get you thinking.

    It is called the upside down puzzle.

    Another adventure story is on Authors Heaven 2
    *not completed*

  • Drama

    Do you love scary stories? Or do you want to be absorbed in the drama? Well this is the right place for you!


  • Little Kids

    These stories always have good moral, and are fun to read when you are bored!


  • Fantasy

    Have you always envied fairy tale characters? Do you want to enter the fairy tale world?
    Read the story of Rose Red or Anna and you will be absorbed into it!

    *1 completed*
    *1 uncompleted*

Done reading all these stories?

Go to authors heaven 2 for even more stories or check the blog posts for news about stories coming soon.  Also, if you want to learn about how to show virtues we have some stories for you!