• The 5 W's

    3 year old Emily Yaun's best friend Benny is missing! Has he been kidnapped? Join Emily on her journey to find her friend!
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  • Ace Detective and the Missing Computers

    Ace is an average boy who loves mysteries! Yet when computers go missing, can he find them?

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  • Electronic Panic

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THE 5 W'S by: TwinkleTaleTeller

Book 1   Enjoy!😀

                           “ you should do one thing that scares you every day” Eleanor Roosevelt




        “HELP!” It’s not very fun running away from a car that’s chasing you. I’m Emily Yaun, the three year old who is currently about to be run over by a van. This van has been crossing the same road every day at different times, since around the time Benny Brown went missing. He’s my Best Friend, and I would risk my life for him...literally. Anyway, I suspect that the person in this very van, took him.

My short pigtailed brown hair breezes in the wind. It’s a dark night and I’ve snuck out of bed to follow this van. But since I’m short, the driver can’t see that I’m in front of the van. So a running I shall go. I stop running for a second and look through the window of the van. I see a man and a small kid inside. I’m sure that it’s Benny. The sign on the hood of the van reads “Kid K…” and the rest is smudged out. It probably stands for Kid Kidnappers.

The van takes a swift turn and then goes out of sight, as it slips away I can see two red lights on the back of the van. I turn and head home to Bridewood street, sneaking along the walls. I live in New York City with my mom and I don’t have a dad, I never did. I think, “Who took Benny? What are they doing to him? When will they be caught? Where is Benny? Why did they take him? All these questions fill my head. I need to know the “5 W’s”. When I arrive home, I feel exhausted. I plop into bed quietly, hoping Benny is all right then to  dream land I go.

“Wake up,” I can feel my mum tickling me.  I really hate when she does that. I cover my head, “Don’t make me go,” I beg to myself. But of course I have to go to Sunshine Academy preschool. Then I remember, we’re going to CSV(Community Safety Village) today! I jump out of bed and slip on my yellow dress which is sitting on my dresser. Hurriedly eating my Lucky Charms cereal, I hop out the door into the bus.”Sunshine Academy here I come.” I say.

I’m under attack by a boy with a smell from his pants, and a girl who seriously needs drum lessons. I’ve arrived at preschool but before we go to CSV we have to do music. I’m sitting beside the “bed wetter” named Leroy, and across from me is a girl banging a drum.

“BEEP!” “BEEP!” “BEEP! Everyone please head outside,” I hear the principal say from the loudspeaker. “BEEP!” “BEEP!” “BEEP! “Come on children,” the teacher says as she escorts me and all the other children outside. “What’s going on?” I ask Tiffany Sparks. She always seems to know what’s going on. “Someone has broken into the school,” she replies. Soon enough, three black police cars show up in front of the preschool.

After what seems like forever, they come out holding a guy in a black suit. He stares at me and I try to get a better view.  You see, I Emily Yaun am very good at identifying people. I peek around but it’s hard to see because of a man in a blue suit. The police cars leave and I hope something happens on the news so I can know more information.

Five minutes later, four buses pull up in front of the school to pick up all the children early. Probably so the police can investigate Sunshine Academy further. Then I chase after my bus #67 because I am not very good at time management. Then, I realize the bus I’m chasing is #87, my bus is back at the school yard! I find my bus and hop in. On the ride home, I think about Benny and how much I miss him. I know police are searching, but I want to find him myself. BOOM!!! the bus falls over. I was definitely not ready for that. We exit out the hatch after the teacher's calm the kids. As I crawl out I see a hole in my window and a 16-18 year old boy outside. He stares  at the bus then runs away.

My mom has arrived to pick me up, and I decide not to tell her too much information, she gets very worried easily. We head to karate lessons where I learn the front kick to the belly. An hour later we drive home from karate. I see the police station. I wonder if perhaps the intruder took Benny and now he’s after me.

An annoying, bossy, brutal, rude babysitter is at my house. The babysitter starts her homework and her music is blasting. So... I sneak out of the house along with my knapsack. The night is cloudy and I don’t like the idea of sneaking around looking for that van again. A man runs swiftly past me like a blur and rips his blue shirt on a branch. I try to call him so he can retrieve it but he keeps running. Other people run into me too, then I figure out why they might be running, it’s raining!

I run inside an open car and sit on the driver's seat. Relieved I sink deeper into the seat to try and calm down. By accident I press the pedal! The car starts to move and my foot is stuck by this ultra sticky gum! Desperately trying to free my foot and drive at the same time, I get pretty worried...I press all the buttons in the car. One makes the windshield wipers go, and now I can’t see the road! Other buttons move seats and now one is squishing me. The windows open with a blue button and now I’m soaked! Then “bang!” I hit a big red button, and the car starts driving by itself!

Relieved and confused, I unstick my shoe and attempt to get out. Then the car stops. It’s quiet here and after a while of trying to get out I successfully escape the crazy car. There’s a pink and orange building in front of me, and it looks like a place I can talk to someone. I enter.

Inside, it is dark everywhere so I feel my way around to a door which I open. There is a small room there, with a candle and I reach for a lightswitch. Quickly I click one on and see a big very tall box and a small one. The small one has a note that reads:

“Put ransom money here then keep boy.”

Then on the bottom it says: “the boss.”

I think I’ll leave it up to the authorities, but then I get the urge to open the bigger box.

I climb a ladder (that happens to be there) and attempt to open the box but it is sealed shut. I look around and see a sharp box opener. I grab the oily box opener and press firmly on the box.

I successfully open the flaps...but there’s a LOCK! I squeeze my long finger nail into the lock...it’s oily from the box opener! What to do! I put my hands in my pockets and then I feel the blue piece  of the man’s shirt. Wrapping it around and around my finger, I twist the lock open. I was not expecting it to work! It is a heavy duty lock.

Pulling open the second pair of flaps I see...a voice activated lock! It says to me, “Say password.”

Really getting discouraged I think out loud “hmmm think… password… what...” I’m interrupted by a click. I jump, then figure out it’s the lock that has opened!

Pulling up a cardboard sheet that reads “fragile” I find another voice activated lock!! I decide to repeat what I did last time saying “hmmm think… password... what...” “click!’ goes the radio.

I hear a faint voice. I stare inside the box. I see someone...a boy. Ripping the rest of the box apart with the oily box opener (it falls on my foot a few times), I free the boy who immediately falls down. Probably very tired. He’s wearing an orange top and blue pants. His arms are tied behind his back with rope and his legs too. He’s also is gagged with a dark blue cloth. Staring at his face better I see that he’s...BENNY!!!

Out of my Dora knapsack I pull out a water bottle and tug down the gag. The cloth is wet withchloroform. As Benny slowly becomes conscious I pass him the water bottle and he drinks it all down in a matter of seconds. I pull out a blanket because Benny is shivering.  Someone enters the building. I walk out and see a man with money in his hand. “The ransom,” I think. I do my  karate kick in the belly and punch him in the arms.  He falls flat down. “That was way easier than I expected” I whisper. Then I grab the money from his open palm. Touching him, I can tell he’s unconscious.  

Back in the room I help Benny to his feet untying the ropes. Putting his arm around my shoulder, I lead him to the movable car. Opening it I wonder if It’s a good idea to drive this car. I mean I’ve only driven pretend cars before. I decide it’s my only hope, so I hop in and help Benny beside me. Then we both buckle up as Benny slowly falls asleep. I study the buttons and set a course to my house. Then I sit back and examine the clues. I don’t have much clues so instead I think of what my mom’s reaction will be when she sees me.

We arrive at my house after a few minutes, and there are two police cars in the driveway. The car stops, and I hop out. My mother rushes to me and gives me a tight hug saying, “never do that again!” Then I explain the whole story to the police. Next thing I know I’m in the newspaper with the headline” 3 year old girl saves boy.” Don’t judge a girl by her size. Ever!Now’s the time any guesses as to who took Benny?

It’s been a week and the police figured out who took Benny. They took the guy that I kicked out unconscious, but they haven't caught his “boss” yet. I wish I  knew who did it. Maybe if I look over this adventure another time, I might find out. I have found out that the van…well it actually read Kid Kare which is a disability centre.

Oh and Today at preschool a new girl named Melanie Squirz arrived. Benny and I are great friends with her. She’s nice, funny and she throws the best tantrums to get what we want. But then one day, she’s not at school! This continues for a whole month. “Uh oh,” I say. “Here we go again!”

I hope you enjoyed my story! 😀 if you did you'll probably like the ones my friends made! We each made these stories for school and who knew? This was what made us create this website! So we felt it was important to feature them on this website. 🙂 thx for reading,

Little Writer Twinkle Tale Teller

Ace Detective And The Missing Computers by: Moony Mythteller


Ace Detective

And The

Missing Computers





He is tall, has dark brown hair, blue eyes and a knack for getting into trouble but always finds a way out. On this adventure Ace finds his chance to be like a real detective he takes the chance but finds that Asterid (his BFF) made a huge understatement  of how hard it was going to be.


(At school...)


“Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!” I try the intercom again, “Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!” Oh, that secretary is always late! I try to open all of the doors which are locked of course, just my luck. Late again! Or at least I will be after the bell goes .  A familiar voice calls me, “Ace!”

Is it? Yes! I’m saved by Astrid, as she opens the door. “Thanks for opening the door for me,” I say. “That’s what friends are for,” she replies. Thank goodness she let me in, because our gr.6 teacher Miss Caper, would not appreciate me being late for the 3rd time this week. “So, did you hear about it?” she said.  “About what?” I replied, puzzled that I didn’t already know.

“Beep!” “Well that’s the bell” Astrid said, “I’ll tell you in class.”

I quickly sat down beside Astrid and she finally, finally told me, “Half of the laptops in the school were stolen!”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing but kept it together enough ask a simple question; “how?” I mumble.

Astrid must have heard me because she said “I don’t know but Miss Caper told us that someone had stolen a bunch of school laptops and asked us if we knew anything about it.”

“Wow” I said too stupidly stunned to say anything intelligent.  I immediately wanted to find out what had happened.  I’ve always wanted to solve an actual crime and here was my chance!

I asked to be excused and started heading to the washroom, but then turned around to start investigating only to see the clock which said that school is almost over!(and for once it’s a bad thing!)

I race towards the office and I’m just about to open the door when I hear the principal’s voice.  He’s talking to the secretary and says, “I’m sorry but I’m going to have to reduce your paycheck this month because of your many absences.”

She quietly leaves his office, goes to sit at her desk, but gets up again quickly to get some tissues from the filing cabinet.  Just when I’m about to leave I hear the principal on the phone saying, “...So I’ll have the money for the computers by tomorrow?  Good! I want it as soon as possible!”

Boy i’m good, I know who it is, the principal! Beep! Oh no the bell! Well my great heroism will have to wait  till tomorrow.

(Next day…)

Yes! I’m almost at school, i’m running as fast as my legs can take me. Faster, faster, faster!  I hope the secretary isn’t late again!  I get to the intercom as fast as I can. Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!  

“Hello!  Come in”  she said.  

Yes!  She’s not late for once!  I run in to tell the secretary about the principal but scrape my arm in the process.I ignore it because I see her in the office, “secretary! Secretary!” I said but she’s gone to get tissues from the filing cabinet again. I’m about to go get her when I see that I’m bleeding! I decide to go get a bandaid from a nearby cabinet. As I open the cabinet something shiny catches my eye. I look under the sweater covering it, it’s the computers! As I go to leave to tell my teacher I drop my bandaid beside the secretary’s desk.  When I bend over to pick it up, I hear the secretary come back.  Before I stand up, I hear her say, “Good thing no one saw the stolen computers I’ve hidden.”  

I realize that I’ve seen them and swiftly race out the door.  “Oh my gosh!  I know who did it!”


Okay readers, this is your once in a lifetime chance to really think while you’re reading a story… who do you think it is?  If you have no interest at all in finding the clues then by all means skip this and continue reading.

I raced as fast as I could back to the principal’s office.  I rush through the door and say, “Principal!”

He comes out of his office and says impatiently, “Yes? What is it?”

“I think I know who did it!” I reply.

“Oh, slow down...Who did what?” he answered.

“Stole the laptops!”

“Okay, who?”

“The secretary, of course!”

“ But how do you know she did that?”

“It was easy!  First of all, I saw the computers under a sweater in the office, then as I left to go tell Miss Caper that I’d found them, I heard the secretary talking to herself and saying that she hoped no one would find the stolen laptops that she hid.  My theory is that she took the laptops to sell because she had a reduced paycheck which leads me to my next question…who were you talking to about the computers yesterday?”

“I was calling the insurance company to get the money for the stolen computers,” he said.

“All’s well that ends well….for now” I reply.






Foggy Fortune Teller Presents...

  Electronic Panic

“Wow, I haven't had the best sleep since I came on this bus. I feel weird,” I say to my best friend, Benji Bonnle. “I haven't either,” he replied. By the way I'm Steve Bennett, a seventeen year old high school student who loves to put his nose where it doesn't belong. Anyway I'm talking to Benji, also seventeen, and the person who always knows what to say, but still can joke around. “ I guess it's just different not being at home.” We were in New Jersey on a history field trip, in a small town with few houses and many homeless. Mostly everyone with a house is a farmer and married. “ No, I feel like  someone is watching,” He admitted. “ You can feel that too.” “ Yeah, weird isn't it,” “ Whatever, want to come with me to get pizza? I feel all weird when no one is on the bus!” “ Sure, let's go!”


             We hurry off to the Pizza Hut. We past a farm where we overheard a lady called Dora Pagé (who looked friendly and wore blue overalls) muttering to herself. “I don't get the money I need from farming!” Then she turned to us and said “ Fresh apples, twenty five cents each!” So we each pay and take our apples. We also passed a boy named John Anee, who is the class bully and really hates me, I mean REALLY hates me. He was throw rocks in a pond with his “sidekicks”. We also passed a store owner by the name of “ADAM” who was also muttering, “I NEED more stock but I don't have the money to ship it here.” We also saw tons of people in my class. The only person we didn't see was Mr. Jones...

           We reach the Pizza Hut where we find Ella Knuckles. She has soft blond hair, blue eyes and loves to joke also one of my best friends and she was talking to my teacher, Miss.Strings, who is engaged to Mr.Jones, but they don't have the money to have a wedding. When they saw us they walked over to us. “ Well, I'll be going…” Mrs.Strings said like she was mad we were here. “What was that!” I exclaimed after she left, “ I don't know. She was in a bad mood when I talked to her too.” We sat down at the table farthest from the window. We ordered a pizza with sausage and cheese. After that we decided to go back to the bus , but right outside the door we met a homeless man who said his name was Joe. He  wore a grey top and a pair of ripped jeans, and was smoking. “Donate, I REALLY need money!” We each gave twenty five cents. “Race you to the bus,” I screamed, before racing forward.


              “ I win!” “That’s because you got a head start!” We laughed. We jump onto the bus and reached for our phones to find that they weren't there. We checked all the bags, all the phones were gone and all our loose change, THEY HAD BEEN STOLEN! “What are we going to do? it could be anyone.” “I know but we have to try to find them,” I insist, “I knew you would say that, you just love to put your nose where it shouldn't be.” “I know, I know. That Joe he said he needed money, all those phones could be worth tons, “ I thought out loud. “Ya, but so did everyone else” they replied. I turn to leave when I spotted a match box and a cigar on the floor, “Well, they have to smoke because I just found the first clue, and it has to do with money and that is really all we know. Joe smokes. I don't think anyone else does .”


             We walk off the bus but stop quickly… We hear people arguing behind to bus. After going closer we find that it is Miss.Strings and Mr. Jones, they both were smoking, “Don't you want to get married!” “Yes,  but…” “Then I have a plan…” What was this plan they were talking about. My thought wandered off, but quickly came back by the sound of footsteps, we ran back on the bus and sat down in a seat. Mr.Jones walked onto bus with his bag, I got up and walked over him “Hey, Mr I wanted to ask you…” He cut me off “Errr maybe umm not now,” his eyes going everywhere but on mine. He ran off the bus quickly. “Well, that was weird.” I turned to go back to the seat, “ look he forgot his bag,” Ella pointed to the front of the bus. He had left his bag on the driver seat. I turned around to see. It was showing tons of light. Was that a wire hanging out? But he quickly came back on the bus and grabbed it.


           The next few days I couldn't find Mr.Jones anywhere. He wasn't in the alleyway or the field or anywhere, but…


             On the last day I saw him. He was heading to the bathroom. He left his bag outside. I made a dash for it and opened it and there they were the phones and the money. This was that plan to get money. I took it and ran to the bus, everyone was on it and they had all heard of the phone theft. I held the bag up, “ I found them!” I say, “Is that Mr.Jones’ bag?” I heard from the back of the bus. “Yes,” that moment he walked on the bus. We turned him in and took the bus back to our school. I was put in the newspaper and got a reward from the mayor alongside Benji and Ella. That was a trip I won't forget!


Guest Storyteller

The Strange Noises

“Oh,” a strange moaning sound fills my bedroom. “Oh…”

I sit up suddenly in my bed. Was that a dream? I listen intently. Nothing. It must have been a dream. I lay back down, and close my eyes.

“Oh...” the sound comes again.

What is that noise? I feel like it’s coming from underneath me, in the laundry room. I decide to check it out. I slowly get out of bed, and creep to my door. I open it very carefully, and make my way to the laundry room.

I’m Cameron. I’m twelve years old, the middle child of three kids. I have an identical twin, Cally, who was born almost two minutes before me. We’re very close, even though she can be really bossy. I also have a very annoying nine year old brother Peter.

I tiptoe down into the laundry room, where I see a figure. I usually wear glasses, but I had left them upstairs. I squint, and realize that it’s Cally! She has shoulder length brunette hair, and  green eyes, just like me. The only difference between us is that I wear glasses, and she doesn’t.

“Cally,” I ask. “What are you doing here?”

“Uh,” she murmurs quietly. “I uh, heard sounds.”

The lights turn on, and Peter walks in.

“Hm,” he mumbles sleepily. “Did you hear that sound too?”

“I just-” I start to say, but I cut myself off when I see something unexpected. “Look! The sound machine Peter got for his birthday! What’s it doing here?”

Peter’s ninth birthday was last week, and his best friend Colin had gotten him this really annoying sound maker, called a TSM or something. It made ghost sounds, breaking glass, and about fifteen other sounds that have been driving the rest of us crazy!  Cally opens her mouth to say something, but then Mom and Dad enter the scene.

“Kids,” Mom says. “It’s the middle of the night! What are you doing here?”

“We all heard strange noises,” Cally cries. “From here!”

“And look,” I add. “Peter’s sound maker is right there!”

“Well,” Dad scolds. “You must have been imagining things. Maybe it was Doggy. Go back to bed, now.”

We all walk back into our rooms. I notice a shadow moving, and it turns out to be Doggy, our white and cuddly poodle. Wait, that means it wasn’t her who made the sounds. As a climb back into bed, I can’t stop wondering, who or what made those sounds?

The next morning is Saturday. I sleep in until about eleven o’ clock. I love to get extra sleep! The smell of bacon drifts up into my room, and I force myself to get up. I can’t resist the smell of bacon. But then I remember what happened last night. I leave my room thinking, it must be Peter.

“Morning,” I mumble when I get downstairs. “What’s for breakfast?”

“Oh,” my mom says. “Can’t you smell it? We’re having bacon and eggs!”

I grab a plate and hold it out as my mom spills some eggs on it. Then I scoop some bacon out of the pan and sit down beside Cally.

“Was it a dream last night,” I ask my sister. “The weird noises? We all came into the laundry room to check it out?”

“Well,” Cally laughs. “If it was a dream, then I had the exact same one.”

“Oh, and Cally,” I tell her. “I was wondering if you would help me solve the mystery.”

“Of course,” Cally exclaims. “What a great idea!” Then she whispers, “Let’s talk in private though, and I already have a suspect.”

As soon as we finish our breakfast, we head upstairs, into my big walk-in closet. There are chairs in there and even a mini wooden table.

I enter my room slightly before my sister and grab a fresh notebook and pen. I take it into the closet and put it onto the table. I’m just sitting down on a chair as my sister enters the closet.

“Ok,” my sister says. “First of all, we need think of all the suspects, clues, and motivations the suspects might have.”

“Hey,” I joke. “Who made you Mrs. Detective?”

“What?” she complains. “Don’t blame me. I’ve read all the  Nancy Drew books, and eighteen Hardy Boy books, oh, and I just started reading the-”

“Hold it,” I interrupt her. “We don’t need to know every different series of mystery books in the world.”

“Anyways,” she says. “I think Peter definitely has motive. He would do anything to scare us.”

“Ok,” I reply. “But he came in after both of us. And he looked sleepy.”

“I know,” Cally says. “But he could’ve just snuck back into his room and then come after us. And he’s also a really good actor. He had the main role of the Grade four play last year.”

“Yeah, you’re right.”

“Good,” my sister replies. “I think we should go and check the laundry room for clues.”

I follow my sister out of the closet, and we go downstairs. We pass Peter, and I glance at him nervously. I don’t think he even sees us though, because he’s busy watching horror movies on his laptop. I catch a glance and something on his screen, and I’m sure it will give me nightmares for a week.  When we finally reach the laundry room, my mom’s in there doing laundry.

“Sorry girls,” she apologizes. “I just want to get some laundry done before you go to school next week.”

She leaves, and I breathe a relieved sigh.

“Ok,” I suggest. “Let’s investigate the sound machine. It would be really cool if we could take finger prints, but we don’t have a set or anything for that.”

We step over piles of clothes, and stare in horror. The sound machine isn’t there!

“Oh no,” I exclaim. “Whoever did it must have taken it away to get rid of all the evidence.”

“Let’s go check Peter’s room,” my sister tells me. “Maybe he’s hiding it in there!”

We both run as fast as our legs can take us, up the stairs and right into Peter. Yeah, we run right into Peter. He’s standing in the doorway and we smash right into him.

“Ow,” he yells. “Ow! Ow!”

We scramble off of him and onto our feet. I see that Peter is crying. He runs downstairs to get mom.

“C’mon,” Cally whispers. “Let’s search his room while he’s downstairs.”

I look around, and suddenly spot something blue and green on his bookshelf, surrounded by video games. Is that it? I step closer and realize that it’s the sound machine! I pick it up and call for Cally.

“Look,” I exclaim. “I found it!”

“Good,” she whispers. “Let’s take it into the clo-”

She’s interrupted when Peter walks into the room.

“Hey,” he cries. “You just hurt me so that you could sneak into the room and steal stuff!”“Sorry,” Cally says quickly, hiding the sound machine behind her back. “Got to go.”

I follow her out of the room and then we start running again into the closet. We stop in the closet and lock the door behind us. My sister starts inspecting the sound machine right away.

“Look,” she says, showing me the sound machine. “Peanut butter smudged on a button.”I look, and see that she’s right. Peanut butter is Peter’s favourite food. It’s all he ever eats on his toast.

“Oh,” I exclaim “You’re right! It must be him. I have an idea. Let’s watch the sound machine tonight. We’ll see who the person who did this  is.”

“Can’t,” Cally replies. “I’m sleeping over at Ally’s house. Let’s do it tomorrow night.”

“Deal,” I say. Then I take the sound machine and put it back in the laundry room.

Strangely, Peter goes to bed at eight that night. Usually he stays up really late.

The next morning I wake up, and I realize that the sound hadn’t gone off. I rush to my closet and write that down in the notebook, too.

Then I wait. My sister doesn’t come back for a long time, and I am so excited for the night.

I do nothing for about an hour. I then talk on the phone with my best friend Jamie for a while, and I play some games on my Xbox. Finally, Cally comes back at about one.

“Cally,” I greet her, gesturing to upstairs. “Come on.”

We rush upstairs again, and run into Peter in my closet. This time, not physically.

“What,” I ask. “Are you doing in my closet?”

He leaves very quickly. I decide to tell Cally what happened last night.

“There was no sound,” I tell  her. “He did it to lead us off track.”

“Yeah,” Cally says. “Let’s have dinner and then camp out.”

After a quick dinner of lasagna, it’s finally time for the campout. I dress in my pyjamas, and get into my bed. I set an alarm for ten o’clock, and put it under my pillow so it won’t wake anyone else up. I slowly drift off to dreamland, anxious for the next few hours.

Ring! Ring! Ring! The alarm sound comes from right under my ear. I open my eyes. Did I miss it? I look out the window, and thankfully see that it’s pitch black. I check my clock just to make sure. Ten. Perfect. I bring a pillow to keep me comfy and drag my sleeping back with me down the stairs. I hear a rustling sound behind me. Startled, I whip around, and see Cally right behind me. We enter the laundry room, and it’s really quiet. We tiptoe towards the place where the sound machine is, with the lime green letters on it, saying TSM. I set up my sleeping bag and I’m really comfy. I plop my pillow onto the ground and prop my head up with it, and then I watch. Nothing happens. I gaze out the window, watching the cars…

Oh... I hear the sound, and I jerk my head up. I must have fallen asleep. I’m very surprised to see Cally running back from the sound maker. Was it her all along?

“Cally,” I say, very confused. “It was you making all the sounds!”

“Congratulations,” she says. “You figured it out. But I wasn’t trying to be mean. I wanted to start a detective club, but I only wanted people that were good at solving mysteries to be a part of it. So I made this little mystery as a test.”

“Wow,” I say. “That’s actually a good idea.”

“Uh,” my sister asks me. “Does that mean you’ll join it?”

“Well, I’ve had enough mysteries for awhile.” I say. “Let’s start it later.”

The next night, I feel relaxed because there aren’t any more mysteries to solve. I’m just about to fall asleep when I hear something that nearly scares me to death.

Crack! Smack! Bang! Crash! It sounds like it’s coming from the roof this time.

“Uh oh,” I think to myself. “Here we go again!”

The Strange Bank Robbery


By WindyWishTeller


Police Officer William was an excellent officer. He was tall,about six feet or so. He had already solved twelve mysteries and this was only his third year as a police officer. He was combing his brown hair when he heard a call from the bank.
“There’s been a robbery at the bank. COME QUICKLY!” the security guard shouted. Police Officer William got into his police car and hollered “Tom get in here”. “Well what do you expect? I’m a foot shorter than you!” Tom replied back as they both rode in their police car quickly to the bank.
When they arrived, they saw a sleeping guard in the bank near the vault “Hey Tom, you should come see this,” stated Officer William. William pulled a sleeping dart out the security guard’s body.The writing on the sleeping dart read:NIGHTY NIGHT SEDATIVES CORP AND FINANCESTAR FINANCIAL GROUP. “You know what that means?” asked Tom. “What?” asked William.
“Look! a degree from college”exclaimed Tom. It said: LUKE AND LEIA DARBUS HAVE HEREBY EARNED A DEGREE IN SEDATION AND FINANCE. “Footprints!’’ yelled Officer William. Two the pairs of footprints that looked like they belonged to twins were leading out of the building.
The two police officers raced out of the bank and into their police car and drove off to FinanceStar company. They investigated the outside of the building for clues. The footprints led into the 6 storey tall FinanceStar building. A sign said the Darbis twins’ offices were on the third storey.
Police Officer William was investigating the dark room when they discovered a note. The note read:
Dear Boss,
Luke Darbis and Leia Darbis have been excused from work to go on a trip to other countries to improve our financial services. Anyhow, is Mr.Charry psycho? He said he plans on robbing the bank. Mortgage advisor Dave says he is robbing it too. We sure need that extra money if we want to keep our company running. Don’t arrest us or else we’ll use ALL the sleeping darts on you. So fall asleep for ten years or go to jail.
Hatefully yours,
Mr Hurrm.
“ Who would write a note like that?” asked Police Officer William. “We have to check their offices. Remember the sleeping dart? The note said ‘fall asleep for ten years.’They must be connected,” thought Tom aloud. “ I bet whoever has the sleeping darts has something to do with this. But Luke and Leia Darbis are twins.They had to be the criminals but this note says they were in a different country. It doesn’t add up!” exclaimed William. “ The note could be false.” said Tom. “I agree,”said Officer William, “Let’s split up,” said Tom.
William walked down the long corridor and into the junk filled, dark and extremely messy office of Mr Charry. William saw the college degree-the same one they had seen earlier at the bank as well as a large black suitcase. When he looked inside the suitcase he saw…
Meanwhile, Officer Tom was investigating another office that belonged to Mortgage advisor Dave. It was even messier than the one Officer William was investigating. Even bigger than Mr. Charry’ s office. There were all kinds of contracts They were all unsigned except for one. It said to rob a bank to save you from mortgage. Gatehio Rexdale the signature read. Tom raced out of the room.
Officer William saw sleeping darts in the suitcase and ran out of the room. Officer William ran right into Officer Tom.
“I saw sleeping darts in Mr.Charry’s office” said Officer William out of breath. “Gatehio Rexdale signed a robbery contract!” exclaimed Tom.
A tall muscular man came and pushed the police as if he didn’t care into the office of the Darbis twins. His name tag read: GATEHIO REXDALE
When Officer William recovered from the fall, he found a security tape in the office of the Darbis twins and made his way to the police car. This time,Tom was not rushed like when he first heard about the robbery. They raced back to headquarters and played the tape.
The tape showed twins robbing while a short fat man shot the sleeping dart at the guard just after he called the police. Then it showed Mr. Hurrm writing the note that they had discovered earlier while the robbers escaped the bank. When the robbers got back, Mr. Hurrm congratulated them for leaving so many false clues. It then showed Mr. Charry putting on a muscle man costume, signing the robbery contract with his cousin’s name: Gatehio Rexdale. He made a name tag with that name on it to set them off track.
In the end, Luke Darbis, Leia Darbis and Mr. Charry all got arrested. Another mystery solved.