Heidi - by Johanna Spyri

This wonderful novel comes with many different covers, as a result, there is no picture as of yet. 

Heidi is a story for all ages, with characters of all ages.

5 year old orphaned Heidi is plunked into the Swiss Mountains to her only living relative (other than her cruel aunt who dropped her off), a grumpy old man by the nick name of "the Alm-Uncle" However, her bright and optimistic attitude brings out the joy in the saddest moments and her journey over the next years inspire, create and revive people's dreams and hopes. Maybe it will even bring the feared man down from the mountain once again...



I cannot stress how beautiful and magical this story is. From the characters to the wild stories, you'd wish you were up there frollicking with the goats and watching the eagle soar over the mountain. 

Even a 400 paged story set 200 years ago still connects with all today.


One great thing is the age ranges that help the reader connect, ranging from 5 to about 70.





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Magnus Chase

When Magnus Chase, a homeless teen in Boston, dies heroically while saving the city from a fire giant, he discovers that he is the son of a Norse god.  He is taken to Valhalla, a viking afterlife for the bravest of warriors, where they train for Ragnarok, the final battle at the end of time.  But the people there find him unworthy, and the Norns (fortune tellers) predict that he will hasten it.

Meanwhile, somebody else is trying to hasten Ragnarok and it's up to Magnus, his new friends, and a talking sword to stop them.A very funny book.  I especially like the chapter titles.  If you're interested in Norse Mythology, like Rick Riordan, or just looking for an exciting good book to read, then this is the book for you!

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The Little Prince

The Little Prince is a story that will take you on a journey...

See the world through the eyes of a man enlightened by a boy he found during a journey.

It is truly an amazing story with so much creativity. You must think, open up, release in order to read it into the true depths. Open your eyes...

Definitely a read! 


Ugly by Robert Hoge

When Robert was born, he had a tumor in the middle of his face and deformed legs.  He had to go through many newly invented and risky surgeries.  That's enough pain on its own, but he also had to endure the constant teasing and bullying from his classmates.  And struggle with some things due to having prosthetic legs.  In the end, he had to make a big choice - one that could dramatically change his life forever. 

The author did an excellent job in telling the story.  Just read this book.  Because if you do, you'll always have someone you can relate to when you're going through hard times.  There's also an advice section in the back.

Sit by Deborah Ellis

Sit is an book that shows the perspective of 9 different children that are each going through difficult times.  Sit is kids making decisions for themselves in hard times, it covers kids that are in war zones to kids with family problems.  Deborah Ellis did an awesome job with each of the short stories that are in this book and the writing makes you feel as if you are really sitting in the back seat of the child's brain at the time of the story. 

It's an amazing book that isn't very long so you can finish in a couple hours and this book is really inspiring.  I over all think this is a great book that gives you many different perspectives on different places and different situations.



Remarkable by Lizzie K. Foley

In the town of Remarkable, Jane is jealous about how every single citizen except her is famous in one way or another.  In fact, she's the only kid who doesn't go to Remarkable's School for the Remarkably Gifted.

When a mischevious family and two pirates move into the town, things get out of control really quickly.  And Jane may be the only one that can stop it.

A good book for people who are bullied, jealous or mad because of who they are.  Grades 5-7.



The Land of Stories: The Enchantress Returns

It's been a whole year since Alex and Conner went to the Fairy Tale World.  Now, their Mom has been kidnapped and there are soldiers protecting them everywhere they go!  Alex and Conner soon find out that Ezmia, the evil enchantress that cursed Sleeping Beauty is wreaking havoc on the fairy tale world.  What's even worse is that Ezmia is attempting to go to our world and take it over, and she's extremely close to doing it!

If you liked the first book: The Land Of Stories: The Wishing Spell, then you will most likely love this book. If you haven't read the first book, you should read it before you read this one because it's the second book in the series.

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Last Day On Mars - Kevin Emerson

I don't even know what to explain other than you must read the book for yourself! Imagine yourself moving to mars. If you had to call somewhere your home, where would you want it to be? Earth right? 

What if your parents came to Mars...but you were BORN on mars? 

Your home would truly be Mars!!!!!!

Now, you must team up with your breathing disabled best friend and your panda robot, to save your true home.


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