Case of Crumpets - By: Twinkle Tale Teller

By: Twinkle and edited by Sunny! 


Long ago, in a magical, far away kingdom called Regnum, there lived a young village girl named Anna. Anna had short black hair and lived in a town called Sorofable. The town had Regnum Kingdom’s specialties. There were seaside waves where mermaids and mermen danced and beaches with sand that shimmered gold. Anna’s family had lived in Sorofable for many generations. She lived with her mother, father and her grandmother. The tiny addition to the small hut was a small snap turtle she had rescued from the beach whom she had named “Shelly-Matt” or Shelly for short. One fine sunny day she set off to the baker’s shop to get some crumpets for her grandmother’s birthday which was in in two days time.

At the shop, though the wooden sign still hung above the doorway, the shop was empty, with the exception of a tiny mouse scurrying to a small hole in the right wall.

“Hello?” she called, “Mr. Lancelot?” Her calls echoed as she searched. Her eyes landed on a piece of parchment sitting on the round table in the center of the room.

The paper read,


Dear customer,

I am out on a journey to the king and queen across the valleys and mountains for their son’s birthday celebration. I shall return promptly after the celebration ends.




This letter only sparked a sense of adventure within Anna that she had gotten from her grandfather. Her inner self told her “Get the crumpets from the baker at the castle! It is the most common thing to do!”.

This idea seemed unrealistic to Anna at first, but Lancelot was the finest baker in all of Regnum kingdom and she was determined to get only the best crumpets for her loving grandmother. Besides, by the time the baker returned, her grandmother’s birthday would be over. The royal party was not soon, due to the lack of fancy carriages rushing through the streets announcing the party and rushing to the gift shops. This was enough reasoning for her. She put on her shawl, packed a satchel with loaves of bread, a large slab of cheese and some berries and a basket with Shelly with her favourite snack, apples. Once she was set, she strutted off to her long journey down the treaded path.

As soon as they passed the quiet village end the sun was rising just at the right angle to be shining brightly in Anna’s eyes. The mountains from both sides of the path were towering over her and Shelly’s head as they got closer to them.

“Look Shelly!” Anna said happily pointing to the mountains. “Grandmother would love to see such a beautiful scenery. It is quite good enough for any painter to capture its essence and earn a bounty of gold for, isn’t that so?”

Shelly had lifted her head out of the basket to the attention that Anna was giving her.

“Though Grandma isn’t here to see it now,” Anna started, “I bet she will be just as happy when we give her those crumpets! Remember, Lancelot is the finest baker in all of Regnum, which is why it is so important that we get to the castle in time to meet him! Who knows what path he will take home! You know what?” She lowered her voice, “He is a magical baker with a special touch that has run through his family! I’m not supposed to tell, shush it’s a secret!” She put her finger to her lips and smiled.

But her whispers weren’t covered enough, not for two watchful eyes hovering above the two adventurers, who came down with a cackle. This cackling startled Anna who looked up as a black line streaked across the sky and flipped around. It headed where it had come from until it momentarily stopped and flew...straight towards her and Shelly? As the figure got closer, she could make out that perhaps it was an old lady. The lady had knotted black hair, a huge patched up black hat and was riding on a broom that was as simple as the sweeping one she had in her hut. This wasn’t out of the ordinary, hats were a craze, and the broom shops were quickly selling out. But this lady was flying? On a broom? A witch! She shook her head to see if it was from her tiring journey but there the witch was, landed and plain to see to the human eye.

“I couldn't help but overhear some delicious thoughts!” The witch smiled devilishly pacing slowly across the path, “You are heading off to the finest baker in all of Regnum kingdom. Lancelot you say? At the castle?”

The witch cackled and her laughs spat out on Anna’s cheeks making her cringe.

“Why, you don’t have to make the journey,” the witch continued, “I shall run misery upon this kingdom by capturing said man. Plus, I’ll have all the treats to myself. Oh, and to make sure you and your little icky friend don’t stop me, let's see...”

She lifted up her hands and whispered an incantation. Stones arose from the ground, stretching miles out into the distance and towering high like the mountains. Anna picked up Shelly and stepped back. A wall had emerged, blocking off their path to the castle, and shattering their hope to warn Lancelot of the witch’s plan.

“You won’t get away with this!” Exclaimed Anna.

“I already have,” The witch said before turning to prepare for takeoff.

However, before she could, Shelly leaped bravely out of the basket, bit at her pinky toe and took a quick snap on her broom.

“Woah,” The witch said unsteadily hovering over the ground, “Dumb turtle! Steady! Steady!”

She flew up and then down, off in the distance trying to regain control with a tapered  broom and a bad flying foot.

“That ought to slow her down! Good job Shelly!” Anna said, “But how are we going to get over this wall? Shelly?”

Shelly had taken one look at the tall stones, turned around and started retracing her steps back to the safety of home, slowly but surely.

“Shelly!” Anna said, picking her up and putting her on her lap as she sat down against the wall, “There must be a way around this!”

Shelly looked to see how long the wall was and it would clearly take weeks to find a way around. Then she looked up at Anna with a sarcastic look on her face. Anna sighed and slumped against the wall as it heated in the sun warmly. It was almost as if she could...

“Thump, thump, thump.” A sound came from the path and echoed against the wall that Anna and Shelly had dozed off while peacefully leaning on. She looked around, startled, for where the booming sound had come from. “Thump, thump, thump!” The louder sounds made Anna instinctively stood up, prepared as the thing got closer, whatever it was. From down the path back to the village a huge troll approached. It looked like a human, bigger and with a more grotesque face including a fat nose and pointy ears. What was odd was that the troll wasn’t holding a club. This loss of weapon however, didn’t stop Anna from picking up the nearest stick to defend her and Shelly. After all, she had never seen a troll before, only heard terrible stories about them!  

“Who are you? Wh-what do you want?” Anna said trying to be brave and taking the troll by surprise.

The troll looked at Anna and then at the sharp stick in her hand. He dashed behind an extremely large rock.

“No harm I mean,” Said the troll, peeking out, “My name is Agor and me is just upset because of me club.”

Anna lowered her arm, just a pinch. He seemed sincere, and not to mention without proper schooling, but she wasn’t going to take any chances. “What happened to your club?” She asked. Surely “Agor” would know the answer to that if his story was true.

“You see me was swinging it round when the club, yes the club, flew out of this here hand and rolled under that there rock!” Agor said, pointing to a rock beside the wall. “My arm thick, so thick that it wouldn’t fit under that there rock to get me club. Me was just pacing around around, around, around, looking for help for I, when me eyes saw you, and you said-”

“You mean that club?” Asked Anna, cutting off Agor and pointing to a hint of wood beneath the rock he had pointed out. He didn’t seem to be lying. “I think we can help you Agor!”

Though she didn’t trust this new face completely, she wasn’t one to judge based on appearance or assume that he was like the stories. Anna was glad to help! Shelly crawled under the rock and bit onto the club, dragging it slowly and dropping it by the rock Agor was hidden behind.

“My friends, thank you!” Said Agor, stretching his face into a smile and standing up, “You be very nice to me and now me wish to help you in return. But, why you in this place?”

Anna explained about her grandmother’s birthday, why she had set out with Shelly and what the witch had done. Then Agor repaid their kindness by helping them over the wall. Agor picked Anna up who was holding Shelly and with a jump Anna and Shelly were heaved over the wall, with the help of their new found friend, Agor.

“If you ever any help needed, call out ‘Trolls of one, trolls of two, help is needed from you!’ Ok?” Said Agor waving his club in the air from the other side of the wall, “To you thanks again, Anna and little Shelly!”

“You’re welcome Agor!” Yelled Anna over the wall. They saw the castle far up ahead, and Anna picked up Shelly, beginning to run.

“Woah,” Anna said slowly when they were in front of the castle.

It was made of the most beautiful polished stones with towers on the sides and in the middle section was a huge Regnum flag. It was proudly blowing in the mild wind. The wooden drawbridge was down, as a gesture of the king and queen’s open minds and peaceful land. Anna walked carefully and quietly for the witch could have already arrived. Her footsteps echoed on the marble floor of the front room.

“Hello? Anybody here?” She called.

“I AM!” A cackling voice said.

There was the witch flying through the window, her broom still flipping out until she landed.

“I see you passed my wall! But you shall never stop me. You may have a little weak turtle, but I have a hundred strong creatures!” She cried out.

Tiny goblins poured in from the front door, windows and flew in from the ceiling. They began taking tiny gold rocks out of their pockets, starting a sort of betting system on the battle and snarling at each other.

“See that’s where you are wrong,” Anna said strongly as to worry the witch, “Shelly and I are together. You may have a hundred goblins but I have one huge strong team. Trolls of one trolls of two, help is needed from you!”

Thump, thump, thump! The floor shook. Sure enough, as Agor promised, trolls of one and trolls of two bounded into the castle. They launched the goblins with catapults as the goblins began fighting with each other.  The team was stronger than a bunch of arguing goblins.

“Over here!” Anna called.

“I will get you!” The witch belted as shot bolts at Anna.

No one saw little Shelly crawling under the kitchen door until Lancelot the baker bounded out of it with Shelly by his side. With a swish of his wrist the witch was underneath a huge bread basket. The startled witch plummeted onto her broom dropping her wand and with a “snap” it broke.

“No!” She cried.

“I have seen you in the village before, Anna. For your kindness, I shall grant you three wishes,” said Lancelot picking up the witch’s wand she had dropped.

Anna used her first wish for the reason she ventured out in the first place, a case of crumpets which within a second appeared in her satchel. She used her second wish to repay the trolls. Lancelot sent a new fancy club for Agor and all of his friends. The third wish was to go back home, in time for her grandmother’s birthday. All of the sudden, there she was, back in her tiny hut. She walked through the front door and to her grandmother who was sitting in a rocking chair and parents behind her. She gave her grandmother the beautiful case of crumpets.

“Oh what beautiful treats!” Grandma said happily when she had peeked inside. “Thank you Anna! Thank you Shelly! Thank you both!”

Anna thought of the troll, Shelly-Matt and Lancelot. She remembered the high wall and the tough challenges. She thought of the witch and how all day she was stuck making dough for all the treats she had threatened to take, inside the famous Lancelot’s bakery.

Anna modestly replied, “It was no trouble at all.”

A wise one once said, “For when you do something out of love, you don’t count the cost.”  

The End


Rose Red Description

Everything's confusing when you're stuck in a fairytale. Nothing's  fun and games where the good dies and the evil rules. 

Especially for this young girl. Who would want to live out, never knowing her family, having one best friend...and then having what you do have, all taken away?
Even the memories?

Then she finds out what she'd been told is wrong, and that was wrong too.
And now she can't trust anything or anyone. It's all just a big mess.


Twinkle Tale Teller is back with a fantasy story about memories friendship and trust in the tale of:

Rose Red


Chapter One




"You don't understand..." A figure in a black cloak says as it steps forward.
"You're darn right about that!" A girl with wavy black hair says, "but what I do know is that you aren't telling me anything!"
She throws her hand back into her scabbard and pulls out her sword. Her blue eyes glare straight without blinking as the blade glimmers in the sunlight.

"I'm here to help you!" He bursts
The girl lowers her sword and her face relaxes. Then she swings her arms and brings it back up.
"How-d-do I know you're telling the truth?"
"I'm you-"
A rosy glow fills her view, and In a flash the figure disappears.
"Where'd he go?" The Red Haired girl says out loud cautiously looking around.
She slides her sword back into the scabbard and slumps against a tree trunk bending her knee on the bark.
"Come must remember something...what's your name? Go look for somebody" She says to herself

A huge smash is heard from somewhere behind the tree. She jumps and slowly pulls out her sword holding it ready across her shouldher.
Her head peeks around the edge of the tree as she crouches behind a rock. She sees a woman, with light blond hair tied into a bun. Her eyes continuously change from blue to purple and back again, but they are as cold as stone.
A long purple dress reaches to the ankles. Black feathers bursting from the neck of the dress, and around the back of the head.

The purple lady smiles and says "come out come out wherever you are!"
The girl  stares deep into the lady's face. Then she leaps over the rock and hits the lady with the...
The lady's hand raises and floats both the girl and her sword into the air holding them steady with her arm.
"Now, Now...That wouldn't accomplish anything!"

Hi it's twinkle, the author. Sorry to leave you hanging. You might have wait a couple of chapters to get to the next of this girl.
And if you don't like it, I am truly sorry. But I'm only ten!! Right...that's a horrible excuse. Ill try my best.