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  • Upside Down Puzzle

    When Young girls, Chantelle Allioni and Kallie Robin, fall deep underground...can they make it through mysterious sweet goo, snobby girls, mysterious people and creatures? It's an upside down world, or is it?

  • Upside Down Puzzle BETTER VERSION

    Better version of the first book I made!!!!!! Read it!

Little Writer Twinkle Taleteller



Upside Down Puzzle


To my bus driver Cindy who manages all the craziness of the kids.

Chapter one

My Life


“So that’s how you do long division, any questions?” asks Mr.Gashah.


No one raises their hand; wow this class is smart!

“Okay Mr.Gashah continues, “time to get ready the bell is going to ring in 5 minutes”


I clear off my desk while he explains the homework on the board. I put all my textbooks carefully beside my pencil case and slip off my name tag. Then I stack my chair and copy down the homework. Math Pg.55 #2-15, Water cycle presentations next tuesday Critical Thinking questions About me sheet and Christmas Raffle note.

Gr.5 isn’t easy. And being in a gifted program doesn’t help.

Mr.Gashah calls our names to come pick up a form, “Chantelle Allionii” he calls.


I push up from my desk and walk over. I reach out and take the note from his hand brushing my long, light brown hair behind my ears. Then I head out to my cubby holding my binder.

I stuff it into my turquoise backpack and pack up my other stuff. Then I put on my sweater and finally my shoes. I head over to the line against the wall swinging my backpack over my shoulder.


We all head out to our buses as the bell rings. I smile-happy school is over. The cold October air brushes against my face as I rush to my bus. My bus driver gives me a small smile as I walk carefully through the aisle trying not to trip on my purple laces.

I sit down in the middle row of the bus and take off my backpack. I place it on my lap. Unzipping the zipper, I pull out my Calvin and hobbes book starting at my bookmark pg.47. Calvin is 6 years old and he has a best friend who is a plush tiger named hobbes.


Since I’m on the bus for about an hour I decide to meet some people, after all I don’t know anybody at my new school.

I look around, there’s a boy named Matthew and a girl named Cassie in gr.5. I can easily see them because my bus is small. Half the size of a normal bus. I close my book and bend it around my finger, then I pick my backpack and plump it to my left. I move more to the right and bend out of my seat.

Maybe I’ll talk to Cassie first. “Ummmm, Cassie?” I say.

She looks in my direction and pulls out her earbuds. I don’t talk. She gives me a whatever look and snaps them back on. My smile fades and I go back to my calvin and hobbes book. Ok, it was a try, but to be honest, that. was. a. TOTAL FAIL!


Everyone has got off at their house and it’s just me and the bus driver, we chat sometimes while waiting for my mom to pick me up. As we head down the street I see my mom waiting, I guess I won’t be talking today! I pack away my book and stand up to put on my backpack. The door opens and I step out once again into the cool breeze.


“Bye!’ I yell to the bus.


Me and my mom both walk home. I open the front door to my house and hop in. I talk about what I learned in class.


“Okay Chantelle, time to do homework, please show me your agenda” My mom says “Don’t forget Kallie is coming over for your sleepover at 5:40 so finish quick!” Kallie was my best friend from my old school. And she’s allowed to visit my new school tomorrow! I can’t wait!


I stare at the time, it’s 4:40. “I’ll be finished’ I yell as I walk to my desk dragging my bag behind.

Then I plop it onto my desk chair and pull out my math textbook and critical thinking handing my Christmas Raffle note to my mom. Then I turn the textbook to the page that says problem bank.


“Problem bank?” I say “why!!!!!” Everyone knows problem bank is always the hardest!


After about 20 minutes I close my textbook and start my about me page. I slowly sketch me in the corner box...peach face, long light brown hair,my favourite yellow top with the quote “live life to the fullest”, and black pants.

Then I move onto the description. #1: What is your favourite color? Easy, Turquoise! #2: Describe some things about you in a short paragraph.

I write: My name is Chantelle Allioni, I am 9 years old and my birthday is December 7. I live in Oakwood Ontario and I love to sketch. I am an only child and live with my mom and dad. When I am older I want to be a scientist or a teacher and I have soo many ideas. I hope to have a younger sibling one day and I want it to be a girl, although a boy is fine. My hobbies are drawing and reading and when I have free time I go to the nearby meadow to draw. I am prepared to be a survivalist and I practice all the things to do in a situation all the time.



At 5:36 I put my final period down and let out a sigh of relief leaning back into my yellow chair. After two minutes or so I get up, when the doorbell rings! I rush and unlock the door opening it.


“Hi Channi!,” Kallie says. She always calls me Channi for short!

“Hi” I reply shyly “come one in.”

She steps in and I grab a white coat hanger for her.


“Are you hungry?” I ask her

“Very” She responds


I lead her into the kitchen. We make our favourite snack. X-mas Pudding Cakes, but we change it up a bit because it’s not christmas.

To make 8 x-mas  pudding cakes You will need:


1 banana

4 cookies (christmas cookies if christmas)

Chocolate shell syrup or chocolate chips

Icing (optional)

Fork for mixing

Spoons for eating


Microwave safe Bowl

Microwave safe plate

Plastic bag (ziploc is best)

Rolling pin (anything hard is good)



Break the banana into 4 parts, put them into microwave safe bowl.

Use the fork and mash it until smooth

Put the cookies in a plastic bag

Bang it with the rolling pin until crumbs

Pour the crumbs into the bowl.

mix up

Pour into balls on plate

put in the microwave for 30 to 45 seconds

Take out of microwave

Add shell syrup or choco chips

Decorate with icing


“Done!” we both yell at the same time then I say, “jinx!” we both take our plates to the counter.


“Channi can we go and play Just Dance?” Asks Kallie.

“Sure,” I say “I got the new 2016 one just last Thursday!”


We both skip over to my game room and Kallie sits on the floor while I get the game out. Then we start by dancing to Mistletoe by Justin Bieber. It’s a lot of fun for the next hour.


I spot my mom walking in. I stop dancing and my mom says, “come on girls,if you want to watch a movie, start it now!!”

I stare at the clock...8:30 “okay mom” I say then I put my remote down and eject the DVD while Kallie picks out a movie.


“AHA!” kallie shouts “Can we please please please watch this one!”


I turn my head, she’s hugging the Maleficent movie like she just won the lottery. Her eyes are as big as saucers!


“Sure!” I reply “here, I’ll put it in”


She hands me the DVD and I slip it into the DVD slot and press the enter button. Then we both hop onto the couch as my mom passes me some popcorn.

“Thanks!” we yell. My mom leaves the room.

I pick up a piece of popcorn then throw it at Kallie as the previews start. She continues to stare at the screen but I can see her smiling.

I reach for the remote to press the play button when I feel a tingle on my cheek. I turn to see Kallie laughing. She threw a popcorn at me too! Soon we are both laughing.


“I can’t wait! For when you come to my school tomorrow!” I whisper in the middle of the movie.

“I know! Soooo exciting” Kallie replies.

I nod.

“AAAAAAAAAAH!!” I scream as Kallie chases me around in a game of  freeze tag. Each round is pretty short with just two players. But it’s better than playing alone! We’ve just arrived at my school and so far, no brothers or sisters!


“RING!” the bell shouts. BOY I hate that menacing bell! I grab my bags and we head off the field.


But it doesn’t stop! “RING...RING...RING...RING!”


A few teachers rush outside. “RUN!” they yell

I freeze, not because of the game but because of what they just said. I grab Kallie’s arm and my bags and we both run.

Just as we race off of the field I hear a thump. Looking back I see that Mrs.Hagaith fell! I force myself to let go of Kallie and rush to help her up.  Two of the gossipy girls from my class stop too and write notes in their pink sparkly notebooks. Is THIS really the time! I think.

I help Mrs.Hagaith to her feet and she scrambles into the school. Kallie is still waiting there, a metre away and I rush over.

Just then, the ground rumbles, the school trumbles, and we drop.

 Chapter 2


“Murphhh” I grumble as I sit up, setting my blurry eyes on the setting around me. I cough up some grey dirt as I flutter my eyelids. My head aches and I have a sharp burn in my thigh.

I stare at a thick black wall, twisting my head side to side. I balance my blurry eyesight at a long figure laying on the floor.

“Kallie,” I whisper sleepily, “is that you?”

The figure twists and turns and slowly rises into a sitting position.

“Huh?” the figure says as it turns to face me, “Chantelle?”

It is Kallie! I slowly go over to her and we hug, happy to be together….then the question hits me.


“Where are we?” I mumble as my tummy grumbles hungrily.

“No idea Chantelle,” Kallie responds looking around with wonder, “I’m hungry.”

“Well, we’re trapped in here” I say as I rub my bruised arm looking up. “There is no hole above us.”

“How ‘bout we check our bags for equipment? Like we always do when playing survival together.” Kallie asks me.

I nod. This is a perfect time for me to practice. And it’s realistic! Maybe too much...


I open up my school bag and dump everything on the cold floor. Kallie reaches for her sleeping bag all packed up from our sleepover and dumps it out too. Then we both dump our lunches out.

In my bag I find my agenda, math textbook, my drawing notepad, my diary, my flute for music class, an open pack of smarties and two squashed pairs of winter gloves.

I open the second pocket and dump out it’s stuff too. I find my travel tic tac toe my gym clothes and the three library books I was supposed to return today.

In my lunchbag I find 4 small square sandwiches, a disposable water bottle, two granola bars, a red container of strawberries and one with apples. I organize my stuff into piles.

“A food pile and an appliance pile! Just like we always do!” I tell Kallie

Then Kallie shows me what she found. Her sleeping bag, her two favorite dolls, her pillow, a flashlight for scary sleepover stories with two pairs of extra batteries, her blindfold and two pairs of pj’s. She also has the shirt and pants she wore yesterday. She makes a new pile and we call it comfort.

Kallie also opens up her lunch bag and finds the exact same thing as me except she has a mars bar. She adds them to the food pile and looks around.


“I’m scared,” Kallie says shaking, “this place is weird and nothing like our games”


I look around. She's right; just thick black walls a floor and a ceiling with a little light coming through a few cracks. There is also some purple goo dripping from the ceiling in a corner.


I grab the flashlight and balance it on the wall, then I sit back down and open up one of my granola bars.

“Lets share half and half” I say

Kallie nods, “that way we can preserve some food, who knows how long we’ll be in here.”


I lean back into my bag and chew on my half of the bar.


We both pack away our stuff for later. The comfort pile goes into Kallie’s bag the food pile goes in or lunchboxes and the appliances and first aid kit go into my bag.


I stand up and pick up a stick leaning against the wall, then I make a mark on the floor.


“What are you doing?” Kallie asks as she swings her sleeping bag over her shoulder


“Marking this as our meeting spot or base” I reply finishing off our initials.


“oh okay” Kallie says.


I open Kallies


“should we explore a bit?”

Then we get up and walk around, I check out the purple goo while Kallie examines the rocks and golden sand. I open my granola wrapper and catch some falling goo into it. I sniff it closely very curious. It smells like oranges!


“Hey Kallie!” I call “come here you’ve got to smell this!”


Kallie rushes over and sniffs it from the wrapper.


“It smells like oranges!” she exclaims smiling


“I wonder what it tastes like” I whisper


I take another sniff then I dip my finger on it slowly dropping some of the goo in my mouth.

Kallie gasps staring at me.

“Don’t Chantelle!” She exclaims

But it’s too late. I tilt my head examining the weird tasting flavor. It’s sweet but powdery with a weird striking flavor when you bite down.

I look around myself my eyes slowly becoming blurry and watery. As the minutes go by I close my drooping eyes and lean against the thick hard wall as anything and everything goes away from my sight.

          #The Suspense

  chapter 3



I flutter my eyes and look at Kallie sitting on a large stone. Her pale face is frowning.  

“Chantelle!” she says when she sees me. She rushes over “I missed you!”


“wh-wha-wha what hap-ha-happened?” I ask shakily


“let’s get you something to drink! you were out cold for a whole 7 days!”


I wrap my arm around her shoulder and we walked over to two stones where I sit and wait for Kallie.

Look what I found she says as she rushes to the back wall and pushes up a sturdy stick. A rock falls out and from the hole where the rock sat comes a gushing flow of slightly dirty clear liquid!

“Kallie!” I say frightened as my eyes open wide, “This place is going to flood!”

“Don’t be silly” Kallie laughs as her dark brown hair touches the water, “look!”


I look at the water and trace my eyes down to the floor where a foot deep hole has been made. The water pounds against the moist sand and makes little holes.


“Thank goodness!” I say as I clutch my chest “you got me scared for a second!”

I walk over a little drowsy and sit on a stone putting my fingers under the running waterfall flowing so beautifully around the top and sides of my hands.

I cup some in my hands and cautiously take a drink.

Kallie laughs “You should see your face!” she says “you looked like this…”


She imitates me and opens her mouth slightly as well as her eyes. I laugh. Soon were both laughing like we're not stuck.


I stop laughing just enough to say, “What are we in? A cave?”.

Kallie stops laughing too and her eyes say I don’t know? We both walk around in opposite directions. I spot a stack of rocks and climb to the top. I turn around and see what Kallie is doing.

“Hey Chantelle” Kallie says, “It’s a real mystery” I turn my head and give Kallie a small smile. Then I flip back and stare at the ceiling. Slowly I reach up on my tippy toes...and touch the ceiling with my cold fingers slowly bringing my palm firmly to touch it too.

“Whoooooosssh” the wind blows gently around my face and chest. My light brown hair flows glowing as I spot it flying in front of my face. “ZAP!”

I cover my eyes. Slowly I force myself to slide them off and look around. I can see the corner with the purple goo but it's dripping upwards!


“Kallie!” I mumble

“what?” she responds as she turns around and opens her mouth and eyes wide. “Chantelle?!” she mumbles.


I feel dizzy as I frantically shake around. Kallie is upside down!!...or am I upside down?


I sit down slowly and lift my hand to my hair...It's standing up! Bringing them back down I slowly form a small smile.


“This is pretty cool!” I say “I’m upside-down!”


“Chantelle” Kallie starts, “I agree but...how do you get down?!”


“W-w-e” I try to say now feeling quite cold.


I flutter my eyes as I wipe my watery eyes.


A whole opens under me and I get sucked inside.

Emptiness, dizziness, floating in mid-air.

I slowly watched as Kallie disappeared, and I watched sadly. There were tiel clouds all around me and occasionally I would see what looked like bird cage made of birch. I was floating on my back, and felt a burn on my head. I dreamed of happy times and my family. I wondered what was happening at this moment. Were they searching? Did they stop?


A few hours later there was a BANG I turned my head holding the burn. Two faded figures wearing white walked in. It appeared they were wearing white body suits with no skin showing at all. Pure white. My heart beated as they came over. One man picked me up by the waist and harshly flung me over his shoulder. I screamed and kicked...but no one seemed to notice.



“Flump” the man swings me onto a white table. I’m about to reach my hand up and rub my head when two metal clasps burst out of the seat and onto my wrists.

I tried to wriggle my wrists but at that moment my ankles were clasped too!


One of the men pulled a lamp like the one I see at the dentist except bigger, right over my eyes and entire body.


I shivered and shut my eyes. They threw a white cloth over my chest and legs. Then another slimmer white figure walked in. She pulls a long needle out of the pocket. I have a bad feeling! I scream and wiggle but these people must have earplugs cause she injects it directly into my right arm.

I shriek in pain!! It’s throbbing as she slowly walks over to a table. She picks up a tissue and wipes away the blood harshly.

I clench my teeth in pain.

She flicks her finger at the two men. The straps unlock and before I can sit up the man once again throws me over his shoulder.