Alice full of wonder book #1 “I want to go to the park!”

   By: Twinkle Taleteller 😀

                       Alice is a funny 6 year old girl.

              Who is full of questions

      She lives with her Mom, Dad and brother Max.

          One day she decides to go to the park.

                        So she asks her mom.

          Her Mom says no.

                       Alice is angry and confused.

She asks her mom, “Why can’t I go to the park?”


Her mom replies “Go upstairs and you will find out.”

Alice is now a detective

She looks for the reason why she cannot go to the park.

  She goes up the stairs and into the Playroom

  Looking around she sees no clues for her mystery.

Alice grabs a paper and a crayon. She makes a chart.

And writes NO CLUES on her chart…

Alice goes to Max’s room...

She sees a Test

                   THAT SAYS 3- !

SHE MARKED ON HER CHART “test” beside Max’s Room.

Alice thought her mom said no because her brother got a bad mark.

She went into her room

It is hard to go inside because of the toys!

She stops and remembers her mom does not like mess.

But Alice is too lazy and decides to clean later

Then she realizes that her mom might be angry because Alice’s room is not clean!

Alice decides to clean up

Then she calls her mom

Her mom is very happy!

“Good job Alice!” her mom says, “you can go to the park now!”

Alice feels proud as she walks to the park.